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Glasses Free Technology
People love 3D; in fact, some people love it so much they’re willing to wear special glasses or headsets to see it. Now they don’t have to.
Patented Solutions
DTI has a breakthrough glasses-free 3D/2D display based on fundamental IP developed for NASA and now available for pretty much everyone.
Open for Business
Licensing and joint venture opportunities available in key verticals including automotive, aerospace, education, engineering, gaming, healthcare, research, and simulation. Contact Us
DTI 3D Displays


DTI delivers full resolution in both 3D and 2D. One click switchable 3D to 2D and vice versa.

DTI doesn’t use any lenticular lens or parallax barriers on the front of the screen. Nothing comes between you and your bright, clear high-fidelity 3D!

This is how 3D was always meant to be. No glasses or headset required.You get 3D depth of field like glasses; without the glasses.

With our integrated eye tracking, you’re always in the zone. Go ahead, move around while you game, work or watch.

Customers Say…

DTI Facts

DTI ROC3D is the latest generation of glasses-free 3D/2D displays developed for NASA:

  • Makes air travel safer – improves pilot performance; air traffic monitoring, and security screening
  • Improves the driving experience – more intuitive gauges, vehicle status, and GPS
  • Enhances data visualizations – volumetric representations reveal patterns and insights
  • Stunning depth of field into and out of the screen without glasses
  • Full resolution in 2D and 3D (one-click switchable)
  • Always in the Zone – 3D with head tracking
  • Outstanding image quality